All proceeds from the event will be devoted entirely to psychological support and assistance for victims of war and terror.
                             Ganei-Yehoshua Park-Sporteck, Tel Aviv
Registration (Registration is in Hebrew)
:For assistance in registering in English please contact
                                           Andi Ovadia   +972-732-363-310/ andi@natal.org.il
 : Participation Fees

10 KM  5 KM 1.5 KM  
100 NIS 85 NIS 60 NIS Early registration (before 5.10.2021)   
110 NIS 95 NIS 70 NIS Early registration (before 26.10.2021
120 NIS 105 NIS 80 NIS Late registration (until 17.11.2021)      

Group Discount: Groups of 15 people registering together are eligible for a 10% discount. For discount please contact: talot@kapaim.co.il 
If you, your family, school, community, business or organization would like to run in “Running with Color” virtually, we would love to facilitate this!  

About the “Running with Color” Event
The purpose of this event is to raise awareness for those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) stemming from terror and war. Now in its eighth year, this event is a community and sporting experience that emphasizes the connection between body and mind, with the color bringing a positive light to a seemingly transparent injury.
NATAL, an apolitical, nonprofit organization that was founded in 1998 out of a compelling need to provide aid to those who are psychologically affected, directly or indirectly, by trauma due to war, terror and national emergencies. Trauma is an invisible wound, while it remains unseen, its symptoms are transmittable, impacting the lives of the families and those close to the individual suffering from trauma. NATAL is the largest and most comprehensive organization treating trauma in Israel. It helps those suffering from PTSD symptoms through its Helpline, Clinical Unit, Community Resiliency Unit, and Trauma Studies Center. Since its inception, NATAL has assisted over 380,000 people.
The Running in Color” race will be led by NATAL's flagship running group – "Running with Rami".  The “Running with Rami” project is NATAL’s unique running and walking groups for people dealing with PTSD due to war and terror. These special groups constitute a socially and emotionally supportive community for their participants.
Important Facts:
One in ten combat veterans suffers from post-traumaNATAL treats over 500 patients a week in the Clinical UnitEvents over the past year have led to a 900% spike in calls to NATAL’s Helpline during the year
!See you at the finish line